Dignitary Protection

The goal of the Executive Protection Specialist is to provide clients with the ability to commute, work, and live in a peaceful environment with the least impact on privacy and freedom of operations. This task becomes increasingly difficult when faced with the growing threats of terrorism and kidnapping. Our intensive, hands-on course addresses the realities of corporate anti terrorism in a no-nonsense format. Taught by seasoned professionals, this reality-based course provides proven solutions.

You will learn:

DAY ONE – Personal Protection and Survival Tactics

• Disguised and improvised weapons identification
• Conflict de-escalation and non-violent crisis intervention
• Identification of early warning signs and perpetrator behavior profiling
• Unarmed combat: standing up or on the ground, and against weapons
• The use of modern and improvised weapons as a form of self protection

DAY TWO AND THREE– Travel Safety and Anti-Kidnapping

• Local law enforcement considerations and receiving Consular assistance
• Terrorism brief: their weapons, tactics and modes of operation
• Hotel, street, airport and ground transportation security
• Case studies of terrorist incidents and lessons learned
• Kidnapping avoidance and ambush countermeasures
• Detection of fixed, foot and vehicular surveillance
• Stalking and counter surveillance simulations
• Explosive device search and response
• Itinerary planning and route survey
• Crisis communications
• Arrival and departure

DAY FOUR and FIVE – Mobile Protective Operations/Live Fire Handgun

• Immediate threat concepts and shoot/no shoot decision making
• Expedient cover and multiple shooting platforms
• Rapid firearm deployment from concealed carry
• Ambidextrous shooting and one hand reloading
• Instinctive aim and target isolation method
• Protective formations and movement
• Multiple threats and moving targets
• Shooting from inside a vehicle
• Cover and evacuation live fire
• Walking the principal
• Failure to stop drills
• Formation shooting

DAY SIX AND SEVEN – Perimeter Defense/Live Fire Shotgun/Rifle Low Light

• Residential hardening and home intrusion defense strategies
• Use of typical lighting conditions and low light shooting
• Less than ideal and alternative shooting positions
• Shoulder weapon carry, deployment and shooting
• Basic room entry and room extraction tactics
• Barricade shooting and tactical use of cover
• Communication in low-light conditions
• Stealth movement and vision control
• Counter sniper tactics and measures
• Perimeter defense and patrol tactics
• Weapons transition and retention
• Building clearing techniques