Maritime Security

Terrorism at sea is a growing threat to free trade and world peace. Many agencies have jurisdiction over large bodies of water, yet few law enforcement officers are trained to interdict and prevent maritime threats.

Israeli shipping companies have had to develop and implement progressive maritime security procedures to combat the constant threat of terrorism. Moreover, the Israeli Navy have repeatedly demonstrated operational effectiveness in preventing terrorist attacks along the Israeli coastline.

One of the primary missions of U.S. Navy SEALs has been the protection of seaborne vessels and maritime assets. Combining our expertise and know how, we are able to teach the most comprehensive program of its kind.

You will learn:

DAY ONE – Planning and Prevention

• Understanding water movement
• Covert waterborne communications
• International law of the sea and free passage

DAY TWO (Advanced Simulation)

• Spherical interdiction tactics
• Covert approach and vessel boarding
• Vessel immobilization and disabling methods
• Search and arrest tactics and deck clearing
• Preventive security and early warning systems for ports and harbors

DAY THREE (Advanced Shooting Skills - Live Fire)

• Multiple and moving targets
• Shooting from moving platforms
• Selective shooting and firing on the move